Starting in early 2005, Apis Records has steadily emerged into the Twin Cities scene through collaborative efforts. Created by me, sound engineer Dustin Duffy and with the help of a small collective, are producing albums and musical scores for film and radio. With many of these songs showcasing on compilations and soundtracks nation-wide.

And all this was in less than a year…


    I, like many others, was born with a computer in my lap. Okay, not literally, but I have used computers as far back as I can remember. The first computer I ever owned was the Apple IIe. (Anyone remember that?) No operating system, you just inserted the desired disk, turned on the computer and (hopefully) you’re set. I owned the model with the screen that had  2 colors , green AND orange!! (high-class!)

    Time passed and computers evolved. I began fooling around with QBasic. Making small word and math games for fun. It was around this time that I discovered MIX TAPES. Creating “radio shows” with friends, complete with our own skits– recording songs off the radio and stuff from TV and movies and intermingling it all. Oh what fun!


    From the earliest of days, I have had a huge bond with sound. Whether it was listening to bugs flap their wings, or listening to the garbage truck crunching. I have been surrounded with sound, music if you will and loving every minute of it. Then MIDI made a grand appearance.

    While only scratching the surface, I began listening to and editing any MIDI files I found on the web. (Prodigy Online, anyone?)  This became the stepping stones towards the now formidable Apis Records.


    During my free time I enjoy coordination duties with Relentless Gallery, a local Art and Music Gallery. Showcasing all music and visual artists fighting to save the world and make it better place for everyone. As of April 2012, I am interning at A440Live.tv


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