Rates and Booking

   Recording on state-of-the-art Pro Tools
Do you need vocals recorded with a great microphone and outstanding signal processing?

   Mixing with professional know-how
Have tracks already recorded but need an engineer to create a solid mix?

   Mastering Studio
Do you need a professional ear and unsurpassed acoustical environment to master your mixes and make ready for radio/podcasting?

  Our rates are extremely reasonable. Because our focus is on more intimate sessions, mainly one to three people, we don’t ask for the outrageous prices that some professional studios ask bands to fork over. You can count on us to give you the best rates around on these superior services.
Below is the listing and description of the services we offer. A final project fee will be discussed before any recording takes place, thereby all parties involved are fully aware of the costs and no other miscellaneous fees or expenses will surface during the project.

RECORDING   ~   $10.00 per hour (1-3 people) – $15.00 per hour (4+ people)
   Includes very little audio processing (i.e. some EQ and slight compression if desired)

MIXING / EDITING   ~   $15.00 per hour
   Includes one hour of mixing on our state-of-the-art ProTools system

MASTERING   ~   one-time flat fee of $25.00

SUPPLIES   ~   $5.00 per song
  In order to assure that our clients’ projects are sonic marvels, we thoroughly test our mixes through various audio sources and systems.
This fee not only covers any miscellaneous test CDs used during the mixing or mastering processes, but also provides you with:
– Studio quality master of all finished mixes (up to 5 copies)
– Studio quality single track master CD (up to 3 copies per song)
– Backup DVD containing all original recordings and mixes (1 copy per song)

ON-SITE/ MOBILE RECORDING   ~   Pricing Varies
   Do you want to keep your amps where they are and really like the way it sounds? We can come to you…
We’re Mobile
We provide a portable setup, giving us on-site recording flexibility, in which we can go to your place of choice to capture that sound you really strive for. We understand you don’t want to lug all your gear out to a studio. We can come to you and quickly adapt our rig to your space.

Contact us today to book your next audio project.


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